About Us

About our Company


With combined experience of over 20 years in quality management, sorting and inspecting; ContainAsort offers a full array of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Who We Are


We are a sorting, inspection, and containment company. Through our trained and dedicated personnel, ContainAsort is here to conform to all your operational needs.

We are Dedicated to Professionalism


With our focus on high quality standards and the highest level of service in the industry, ContainAsort is dedicated to continual improvement.



ContainAsort is a full-service quality

 assurance provider that offers...

Trained and dedicated personnel

Inspection, sorting and rework

Establishing a clean point

Sanding, grinding, filing, etc.    

Kitting and sequencing

Repacking and repackaging

Yard audits

Finished goods inspection

Final vehicle inspection

Custom data collecting system

Daily detailed containment reports

Quality procedures

New product launch


Quality Procedures


ContainAsort understands how important quality is to our customer; therefore, we deliver just that. It is our priority to provide the highest quality service to our customer to ensure they are highly satisfied with our service. We ensure our quality through diligent hiring requirements, exceptional training, and effective communication at all levels


Daily Detailed Containment Reports


As part of our standard, ContainAsort prides itself in providing the most useful and detailed data reports. Our reports allow key personnel the confidence to make important business decisions in a timely manner.